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Our Roots
It started with a message to find like-minded women to ride with...

Jes Combs didn't have the best introduction to the sport of mountain biking.  So much in fact, that after a few bad rides and a lot of tears (yes.. real tears) she was ready to give it up and move on. With some words of encouragement from her best friend Sarah, she set out to find fellow women riders to connect with on the trails.  Coming up empty-handed, Jes took it upon herself to create a social platform where local women could connect to shred, talk shop and share their mountain bike experiences. 


Now the Ms.fits are the PNW's premier women's Mountain Bike org and has over 500 riders in our Facebook group and is building riding programs throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are a bitchin' group of ladies that bring the stoke with us where ever we go.  We hit the trails with riders of all abilities levels and provide a foundation of resources to take women's skills to the next level.  

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