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X X J. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Literature Review. Back to top. PAGE 2. CHAPTER 1. BACKGROUND TO THE PROBLEM. The great bulk of the current literature on the causes of discontinuities and interruptions during turning operations is related to work tools in turning shops. The behavior of this vast majority of publications is not always analytical; they have a descriptive aspect. Hence, there is little understanding of the underlying physics. The aim of this work is to describe and explain the underlying physics of the phenomenon of discontinuities in ball end mills during turning operations. In this way, the underlying causes of these phenomenon can be identified and suitable design modifications can be developed to improve performance and reduce maintenance and downtime. In this way, the tools can be exploited more effectively, while producing higher quality end products. The design of the tool is based on the knowledge of the characteristics of the machining process and the process physics. The causes for discontinuities during turning operations were identified and the reasons for the developing these changes in the tool are explained. This article is organized in four chapters. Chapter one gives a brief introduction to the phenomena, while chapter two and three are devoted to the analysis of the tool as well as the machining process. Chapter four describes the results and lists recommendations. The recommendations are based on an evaluation of the suggestions by the international literature. The conclusions summarize the overall design recommendations. The three essential aspects that contribute to the deterioration of the tool life are: 1. Tool dynamics 2. Tool structure and 3. The machining process. Figure 1. Figure 1. Three sections of the tool: 1. The section where the primary-cutting operation takes place. 2. The section where the second order-cutting operation takes place. 3. The section where the surface finish takes place. CHAPTER 2. ANALYSIS OF THE TOOL AND MACHINING PROCESS The analysis of the tool requires identifying the three aspects that cause tool deterioration, specifically: tool dynamics, the structure and the machining process. The following examples of machining a gear will be used throughout the paper to illustrate the above three aspects. Figure 2. Figure 2. The change in geometry of the section in front of the cutting edge This example shows the variation of the tool dimension and shape from the cutting edge to the root. Figure 3. Figure 3. The



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Nk Mehta Machine Tool Pdf Free

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