Join date: Jan 22, 2020


Hello Ladies! I live in Port Orchard and looking to meet other women who are out riding as much as they can. I have been riding for 30 years or so and looking to join in on some rides and maybe even get into racing (we'll see). I used to bikepack (when there was no name for it) in Alaska and would LOVE to get back into that. I am an on and off-road motorcycle instructor and I lead trainings and tour for women only adventure riders. I am the project manager for an organization ( that promotes, encourages and supports other women to get out in the backcountry and RIDE! I would love to see an event that combines the 2 sports and actually looking into doing just that and would love some help with that. Hint...Hint... I'm looking forward to riding a shit ton in 2020! Hope to meet ya on the trails!


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