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Send It Like a MsFit (for Cancer)

This September, join the Ms.Fits in celebrating SENDtember - a month of sending it to support young adults in their cancer journey by raising money for the Send It Foundation.

Send It Logo Transparent.png

Send It provides outdoor adventures for young adult (ages 21-40) cancer patients and survivors, removing them from their cancer experience and creating the space to play, connect, and have fun in the outdoors. Send It programs are multi-day adventures that include mountain biking, skiing, surfing, climbing and backpacking; creating a vital community through shared experience.


Our sendy goal is to bike, run, hike, jog, 2,000 intentional miles collectively, as Ms.Fits during the month of Sendtember!

Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000

Send It Like a MsFit - resize.jpg
Quick MsFits logo for Send It (1).png
Quick MsFits logo for Send It (1).png

Make our sendy goal more meaningful by sharing the fundraiser and donate today!

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