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Ashley Pascoe

My road to finding the trails

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A few years ago, I was struggling with anxiety and depression. During this time it was difficult for me to get out, or even leave my house. I would come up excuses to back out of plans, or say no to them before they could even form. I was isolating myself from my friends, and stopped doing some of the things I loved. The mental health struggle, it is very real. Coming out of nowhere, I really couldn't explain it, yet there it was. Then a little over a year ago I started riding my bike again, and remembered the pure joy it brought me. Whenever I was on my bike, whatever I was battling with, it all just seemed to disappear, and I'd find my place of happiness. During this time I met a group of super rad encouraging women. Not only was I getting out, I was also socializing! After getting to know some of these ladies, and going on rides with them, my attitude towards my riding was also transforming. I realized I wasn’t riding like I should have been if I wanted to get better. I was riding the same trails, doing the same thing over and over, and if I am being honest, not challenging myself. I was avoiding all of the fun stuff. If I came across any type of feature, I would just say “no, I can’t do that”, and continue riding along. Not learning, not growing, not challenging myself, and not getting out of that comfort zone. After just a few rides with some amazingly talented women, and a little bit of encouragement, I went from “no, I can’t do that” to “HELL YES, I CAN DO THAT”! Fast I'm rarely home, I'm on my bike any chance I can get, learning from amazing women, and loving life!

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