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Q: Is the Ms.Fits beginner friendly?


Yes, many of our group rides, clinics, races, and events that we participate in are beginner-friendly. Check the description in our upcoming events to see if your skillset matches and get your shreddy on. 

Q: I'm an expert rider, level with me - is the Ms.Fits for me?

The Mis.Fits is pretty effin' rad. We stand by our policy of "does not suck" for advanced riders. We have many Cat 1 to Cat 3 racers that regularly participate in Ms.Fits events. 

Q: How old/young do I have to be to join the Ms.Fits rides or race team?

You must be at least 18 to join. Most of us are between the ages of 25 and 55. We have a few 60+ badass shredders.


Q: Can I bring my trail-dog to Ms.Fits rides, races, events?


Check out the event description or location to see if your pup can join, many trails do not allow dogs off-leash. 

Q: Can my bro/dude/man-friend come with me on a group ride or join the Ms.Fit race team?

Ahh no, Ms.fits is for women only. Unless the event specifically states that men are invited have your man bro-out somewhere else.

Q: Can WTF/Womxn be part of the Ms.Fits?

Hell yes! Anyone who identifies as female and at least 18 years old can join.

Q: How can I help out the Ms.Fits?

We are a non-profit so send us a few bucks and if you have some extra time email us about your mad-skills and we will put you to work with our volunteers.

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